UEFA Champions League statistic makes for difficult reading for Dortmund fans ahead of final

In what might seem like a trivial topic, the kit manufacturer with the most UEFA Champions League wins is unsurprisingly the German giant, Adidas – and you can probably guess which Madrid-based team made the largest contribution here.

Teams wearing the three stripes have lifted the prestigious ‘big ears’ trophy 15 times since 1992 – six more than the brand’s closest competitor, Nike. This dominance might be a bad omen for Puma-donning Borussia Dortmund come Saturday night, with Puma kits having won just once in four outings in the final: that lone victory being Manchester City’s treble last year.

Should Dortmund lose out in what is set to be a great spectacle at Wembley, they will have a tally of four losses, positioning them third in this regard, while Adidas will move on to a nice round 16 in the win column.

Research conducted by Genting Casinos found that Adidas only boasts the third-highest win percentage at 62.5%, trailing behind the English duo of Umbro (66.7%) and Reebok (100%). The Reebok percentage is a clean sweep with one win in their only final: that famous night in Istanbul when Steven Gerrard’s underdogs overcame a 3-0 half-time deficit to an all-time great AC Milan team.

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At the opposite end of the spectrum, we have Luanvi, which has lost its only appearance in a final, the all-Spanish final in 2000 where Valencia succumbed to – yes, you guessed it – Real Madrid.

All signs point to the Spanish giants claiming their 15th title in the English capital on 1st June. However, Dortmund fans and neutrals alike won’t be discouraged by kit statistics or bookmaker odds. Both the UECL and UEL have seen significant upsets, with Olympiacos and Atalanta defeating Fiorentina and Bayer Leverkusen respectively. So, is 2024 the year of the underdog? Will it be Adidas or Puma? Germany or Spain? A fairytale goodbye for Toni Kroos or Marco Reus?

The anticipation is palpable as fans worldwide await the answers. This clash is more than just a battle of teams; it’s a cultural showdown between two footballing philosophies and histories. Dortmund, with their passionate fanbase and underdog spirit, faces the storied legacy and regal dominance of Real Madrid. The Wembley spectacle promises not only a display of tactical acumen and individual brilliance but also a deeper narrative of tradition versus resilience.

The stage is set for a memorable encounter. Will the giants from Madrid solidify their legacy, or will the spirited underdogs from Dortmund etch their names into the annals of Champions League folklore? Only time will tell, but one thing is certain: football fans are in for a treat when the action gets underway at 20:00 BST [21:00 CEST] on Saturday, 1 June.

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