Premier League to crack down on illegal streaming

Reports from various sources across the football landscape claim that the Premier League – along with broadcasters BT Sport, Sky and Amazon – have voiced their support of the British police when it comes to reducing the illegal streaming of top-flight football.

The plan is to ‘visit’ 1000 homes over the course of the next week after certain customers have been identified as part of an ongoing criminal investigation. The statements suggest that police officers will be knocking on doors across the country to warn people of potential prosecutions coming their way should they continue to stream Premier League matches illegally.

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Dubbed “Operation Raider”, the scheme sees the police join forces with anti-piracy investigators in an attempt to bring those in violation of streaming laws to justice.

Is this the best use of our public servants’ time? When there are much more pressing issues in the eyes of many in a nation plagued by knife crime and poverty, you have to question the resource distribution by certain decision makers at times like this.

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